When Technology Consuming Our Life and You Can’t Help It

All I have to do in McDonalds is ordering a cup of latte and let the kids going up and down in a fenced plastic build playground. Then I met this grandmother who was very happy seeing his grandson playing with another kid for the first time. That kid is my daughter.

As healthy and happy she is, she threw her concern about my generation. People constantly on their phone. Divorce and marriage come and go. Money is so essential, more important than hanging out with their kids.

I completely understand what she’s complaining about. I, too, spontaneously checking my Facebook every now and then. I can say I rely on internet a lot, like 99%. From recipe, navigation to expressing myself.

Apparently becoming a gen Y and up, we are having a hard time to control our consumption of media from our mobile device. We have this motor skills, all right, especially with our thumb. If they told you about the benefit teaching young kids about motor skills, that will be the last skills you worry about. Face to face socialization is.

And suddenly, without we even realizing it, it controls our life : our time, our priorities, our money, our emotion, our judgement. Beyond influence.

If this grandmother worried about her grandson being abandoned by her own child that she has to jump in and do it all over again, as if being a mother for one time is not enough, it’s a big sacrifice for her I would say.

Grandparents are definitely cheaper than day care and after school, especially when the grandparents are more than happy to babysit your own children. Now if we take that for granted, we let other people (meaning : social media and internet) telling us that they and their information is more important than our family. So, nobody will waste their time to work on their relationships or figuring out when they have time to just sit down and play game board with their kids.

Kids events and programs become very popular and gold mines. You just drive your mom and your child to this and that event and problem solved. Or even better, in a separate car. Now you can just mind your own business and get rid of their whinning and their talking and their misbehavior.

Modern life is tough, I told you that. So many distractions, so many people lost on the way. So many demands, so many unhappiness, so many regrets. We are being offered so many things, often for free, that we are no longer know what we really try to achieve. You instantly can solve your problem so you don’t even have to think twice whether you are going to create a new one as long you can get rid of it now.

What she doesn’t understand what is going on nowadays, is something very understandable for me because I go through them every single day. The temptation of just being “free” from my actual responsibilities is always there. The question is am I the one the only one is struggling or is there someone out there that thinking this is not a struggle but a gift indeed?

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