Life as a Poetry

Life is like a poetry to me. It’s too abstract to describe yet have that powerful meaning for whoever who try to understand it.

Every people I met have their own stories, have their own difficulties. Some live in denial, some live the life as is. Some try to find happiness, some weave the problem within.

As for me, I’m just a writer. I see, I listen, I nod. I don’t judge, cause none of anybody’s poetry is wrong. They each have their own beauty, they each have their own truth.

Every people come and go, but them who share their stories with me, trust me with their feelings, and those things I appreciate the most.

Make your own poems, that describe your life stories, or whatever that you had gone through for that day. Not just people you have just met, or trouble that waited for you ahead. But also the fear, the joy, the relief, the gratefulness. It might be not interesting for others, but it has that special meanings for you.

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