Find Peace Around You

There is something peaceful about listening to the singing crickets in your front yard early in the morning. It’s like listening to a concert, in a natural way.

Some of you might be familiar about inner peace. Even in the middle of the crowd, we could find one. But did you ever notice it? Did you ever make yourself just looking through the window, watching the rain, not your phone or your computer screen?

We woke up every single day, rush everybody and ourselves to school and to work. We make ourselves busy at work, get lost by demand and tasks. Once we went home, we drove the kids to after school, did errands, thought about dinner, spot-cleaned, made the kids stop running so they can did their homework, answered emails. And when we arrived to a peaceful night, your own mind haunted you. Something always came up – a call, a fight, a whining baby, a reminder of appointment that you are not looking forward to go, shocking bills.

Peace is hard to come by these days, when you crowd your days with everything else but a quiet time. A time that you literally just close your eyes, and listen. The sound of the wind, the rain, the chirping birds, the laughter. A time to listen and be grateful.

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