While you wait..

This month has been a busy month. We kept going to achieve our goal, supported by loving people surround us. We almost give up, but they wouldn’t let us stop trying. Now it’s time to wait to find out do we make it or not, which the hardest part of all. I don’t like to wait. Waiting make me itch, make me nervous, make me hesitate to even stick to our routines.

If you know how it’s felt to just let the time pass by because you’re not in the mood, you know how I was in these past months.

One day after I fixed the casserole for breakfast, I just realized the birds are still chirping. Life still goes on. My 4 years old showed her handmade necklace that she made at school. The baby got fussy because her tooth is growing out. My favorite websites were still posting new recipes every week, waiting to be tried on. People keep looking forward for apple picking and pumpkin patch visiting. Neighbors still decorating their front doors with harvest wreath and their yard with Halloween stuff. “It’s not just you, you know, that live at this moment,” I reminded myself.

I don’t want to stop to listen to people just because I’m in my own world. Some people have problems that they need more supports than I do. Some people celebrates their joy and appreciate when we congratulate them and tell them that we are happy for them.

I told myself – I fight enough. Things will be all right. So I opened my own cage and keep waiting for the result, but this time, with a lighter heart.

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