When A Past Plan Your Future

There are a lot of things going in my mind right now. Past, present and future, all overlapping. There are so many ideas that had to be planned, but yet there are still dinners to be cooked, dishes to be washed and kids to be attended to. And sometimes your memories keep bothering you, remind you at something that made you laugh or hurt.

I always try to eat right. As a mother and a wife, I try to serve good food : egg, salad and all. But today I grabbed a cup of coffee and a doughnut. After months and years, it’s actually taste good. It brings back that warmth of May in the city of Los Angeles : our first date in the Donut Shop. Now our life filled with paying bills, taking out trash, building fences, talking about getting an SUV, preparing our daughter’s 5th birthday.

So while putting the books that needs to be returned to the library into the car, I planned my birthday wishes : A DATE (after 7 years of marriage). Just me and him. A movie and a light dinner. The kind of moments that will remind us how we started to like each other and why we decided to continue to be with each other.  

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